The Queen Of Curves

Silvana is a long time fashion designer and business owner that has seen her work travel across the globe and showcased on many a red carpet. Her work has been seen on many celebrities and is well know for her very unique style.

Her passion extends beyond that - to the world of curves.

Being curvy herself from a very young age Silvana found it hard to get dressed and feel feminine as she would continue to buy clothing that fit instead of buying clothing that reflected her true bold style.

Her humble beginnings were inspired by not being able to show and wear what she wanted so she took it upon herself to start her own label and self titled brand SILVANA TEDESCO.

Her beliefs are strong around dressing especially for curvy women in this day and age. She believes every single woman has the right to feel great in the clothes they are in every single day.

Silvana has jumped many hurdles throughout her career and continues to show up regardless of her shape or size and is on a mission to help other women do the same.